Chef Eric Ripert posing in kitchen
Where Chef Eric Ripert Heads To For The Best Canned Sardines In NYC
If you love sardines, head to New York City to try restaurateur and chef Eric Ripert's favorite version at Il Buco, a celebrated Italian restaurant in NoHo, Manhattan.
Il Buco serves canned filets packed in oil that are perfectly rich without being greasy. Ripert told The Infatuation that they're "naturally fatty, very rich and delicious."
Il Buco's website says that they use imported tinned fish, which costs $36 per serving, from Iberia and Italy. The sardines are served with house-made buckwheat rye and butter.
Ripert also says the canned mackerel, a fish beloved for its rich flavor, and the clams and mussels served in acidic escabeche are both worth ordering at Il Buco.
You can also order high-quality canned seafood from Il Buco's website, including brands like La Brujula and Yurrita. It'll cost you about $12 per tin, which is more economical.