Barbecued meat off the grill
When You're Torn Over Barbecue, Oklahoma-Style May Be The Blend You Need
Oklahoma-style can be thought of as an amalgamation of barbecue from Texas, Memphis, Kansas City, and the Carolinas, but there are elements that make it unique in its own right.
Two unique components distinguish Oklahoma-style barbecue from other barbecue styles: how the meat is smoked and how the sauce is incorporated.
Oklahoma-style barbecue includes an array of meats, like sheep, venison, pork, veal, and bear, served with a tomato-based sauce on the side.
For Oklahoma barbecue, the meat is not heavily spiced or soaked in mop sauce, and smoking is mildly done with oak wood so it won't overpower the meat's natural flavors.
This respect for the meat is also why sauce is always served on the side. Oklahoma-style barbecue sauces are known to be sweet and tangy, but there are hundreds of variations.
Most Oklahoma barbecue sauces start with a base of ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, with add-ins ranging from honey and brown sugar to hot peppers, fruits, and berries.