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When Your Steak Reaches This Point,
It's Ready To
Be Flipped
There is a lot of debate about the very best way to grill a steak, especially when it comes to determining the best time to flip it. Some experts say that it’s best to flip a steak repeatedly on the grill, while others argue that a steak should only be flipped once in order to give the steak a well-seared crust.
The correct answer is to just flip your steak on the grill once, roughly halfway through cooking, to achieve even grilling on both sides. Grill expert Jennifer Chandler says steaks are best cooked at about 450 degrees F on a clean and oiled grill, giving it the same effect as a non-stick pan.
“Halfway” can be hard to gauge, since it varies based on the cut and thickness of the meat and your desired temperature. To test whether your steak is ready, simply grip the steak with your grill tongs — which should be used over a grill fork to prevent a loss of moisture — and attempt to lift it up, and if it lifts without sticking, it’s ready to flip.