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When You Should Use A Butter Dish Over A Butter Crock
If you like to store your butter at room temperature, the storage vessel itself can make a big difference in the butter's taste, texture, and longevity. Butter crocks and butter dishes are two popular options, and understanding the difference between them can help you choose the right one for your needs, even depending on the day.
A butter crock is a two-piece ceramic container with a non-porous glaze, which prevents the butter from taking on odors in the kitchen. Butter is packed into the bell-shaped lid of the crock and water is poured into the dish underneath, then the lid fits snugly over the dish, keeping the butter in a sort of floating position over the water.
Butter dishes are typically made from glass or ceramic, come with a lid that is easy to remove, and keep butter covered and protected from air and light. While a crock can keep your butter fresh for longer, a butter dish is more convenient if you only use a small amount of butter at a time and don't like to keep it out for more than a week.
A butter dish is also a better option in warmer weather, especially if your kitchen gets a little hot, which can cause the butter in a crock to melt and fall into the water reserve below. If you use a lot of butter, keep it out for extended periods of time, and don't mind changing the water, a butter crock may be for you, but watch out for hot temperatures.