Flavouring: Shallots and Rosemary
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When You Should Consider Substituting Onion With Shallots
Onions are a pantry staple that most of us always have in the kitchen, and not too many other ingredients really have their same flavor. Shallots are an allium, meaning they're in the same family as onions, and while they aren't as commonly used and do taste different, there are times when you should try using them in place of onions.
Shallots don’t have the same sharp bite as onions, and though they do have some of the acidity that gives onions their kick, it's milder and balanced out by a slight sweetness. The softer taste of shallots means they work best with recipes that call for white onions, so try using them in dishes where a milder, sweeter onion flavor would work.
Shallots can also be used to replace red or yellow onions, but the final flavor won't be nearly as strong — perhaps a boon for the onion-sensitive, but not for cooks who like to taste their onions. Also, keep in mind that since shallots are way smaller, you may need two or three shallots to replace one small onion and more to replace a large one.