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When You Should Add The Noodles To Chicken Noodle Soup
Who doesn't love a hot bowl of chicken soup? Although the soup is a complete meal in a bowl with pieces of chicken and veggies, and the noodles adding depth and textural contrast, it's crucial to pay attention to timing when making chicken noodle soup at home.
To make the ideal chicken noodle soup, timing is essential, and the noodles are the one component that frequently gets in the way. Frequently, the soup's noodles come out way too mushy, giving the otherwise almost faultless dish an unwanted, starchy gumminess.
To ensure perfect chicken noodle soup, add the noodles when the soup is nearly completed, then boil until they're only halfway cooked. The broth's residual heat will thoroughly cook the noodles, and the subsequent re-heatings will prevent them from becoming mushy.