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When You May Want To Avoid Ordering A Frozen Drink At The Bar
Frozen drinks are many bartenders' least favorite type of cocktails to make, being both complicated and time-consuming. However, for the customer, frozen drinks can be deliciously refreshing and just what you need at the moment, so in order to be courteous to your bartender, it’s important to know when and when not to order one.
If the bar you're sitting at is busy, it's best not to order a frozen drink — imagine trying to make 10 different smoothies for 10 different people, all while they're staring at you and waiting. Also, when folks at a busy bar see a frozen drink arrive, they often suddenly want one themselves, compounding the problem for the busy bartender.
However, if you hit the bar during a slow time, feel free to order that frozen drink, especially if the place has a convenient frozen drink machine behind the bar. If you're ever uncertain, analyze the atmosphere, see if your bartender is already slammed, and/or if there's a handy drink machine available, and order accordingly.