Raw uncooked black angus beefmarket steak with peppercorns and rosemary on wooden dark old rustic table planks
When You Add Pepper To Steak Makes A Critical Flavor Difference
You can add pepper to a steak before or after cooking, but the timing will affect the flavor. If you love bold peppery flavor, season both sides of the steak before cooking.
Black peppercorns will crackle and burst under heat when the steak is cooked, releasing an intense aroma. However, it can also burn and turn bitter, so don't use super high heat.
If you prefer the light, floral, and woodsy notes of pepper, put it on steak after cooking. The aroma is less intense, but it doesn't risk burning and you may prefer the subtlety.
Regardless of when you add your seasoning or the type of peppercorns you choose, freshness is key. Grinding fresh pepper for steak is always better than using the pre-ground stuff.