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When To Add Veggies For Pot Roast When Using The Slow Cooker Vs. Oven
Veggies can be added to a pot roast if you're preparing the meat in a slow cooker. However, a pot roast in the oven can overcook veggies due to dry heat and a faster cooking time.
Slow cookers are made for slow-and-low cooking, which traps all that moist heat inside and prevents vegetables from drying out.
You can add your veggies to your slow cooker right from the jump. Vegetables like potatoes, carrots, celery, and onion can not only handle it, but their flavors thrive in it.
On the other hand, oven cooking times for pot roasts are quicker, about three to four hours. This lower cooking time can cause veggies to overcook due to drier, higher heat.
It's best to add your veggies to the oven pot roast at the halfway mark or, at minimum, an hour before the meat is done so everything is cooked well and finished at the same time.