A bowl of mashed potatoes
When The Weather Gets Too Hot, Give Cold Mashed Potatoes A Try
Mashed potatoes are associated with Thanksgiving and cold-weather comfort, but if you're craving them in the dead of the hot summer, there is a solution.
Cold mashed potatoes can be just as delicious as hot. A creamy, chilled mashed potato salad isn't that different from classic potato salad, and most can get on board with that.
First, boil and mash the spuds until lump-free, then blend in any condiments or flavorings you like. Try mustard, sour cream, and/or mayonnaise for a classic potato salad flavor.
You can also add salt, onion or garlic powder, paprika, or other herbs and spices before chilling the mash. Adding toppings like chives right before serving makes it even better.
The end result with a surprisingly smooth texture is like a more elegant but still cooling version of potato salad. You and your loved ones are sure to want more all summer long.