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When Should You Use Salted Butter?
According to The Exploratorium, salt is essential in baked sweets in order to enhance and balance flavors, but only the exact amount called for in your recipe — usually a very small amount — should be used for the right results. If you think that using salted butter in your cake or muffins kills two birds with one stone, think again.
According to Delish, using salted butter in baking recipes is a huge no-no, since it throws off the ingredient measurements and makes it impossible to control how much salt goes into your dish. Each brand of salted butter includes a different amount of salt, so simply using unsalted butter and adding salt on your own is the way to go.
This doesn’t mean that salted butter has no place in your kitchen; it works great as a flavor enhancer when sauteing vegetables or meat, so long as you don't add too much extra salt later on. Salted butter also makes a delicious topping for cornbread or blueberry muffins, even if it doesn't belong in the bread or muffins themselves.