Closeup of philly cheesesteak sandwich made with steak, cheese and onions on a toasted hoagie roll with french fries on a wooden table
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When Ordering Cheesesteak In Philly, Be Ready To Answer 'Wit Or Witout?'
A classic Philly cheesesteak must be served on a long roll like a hoagie roll, sub roll, or an Amoroso roll and filled with sautéed, thinly-sliced ribeye beef, but any additional toppings are up to whoever's ordering the sandwich. If you ever order a cheesesteak in the city, you’ll want to know the meaning of "wit or witout."
"Wit or witout" means "with or without," spoken in a Philly accent. When a cheesesteak slinger asks you to pick one of these two options, they're asking if you would like your sandwich with or without onions, the most popular topping for the sandwich besides cheese; if you're onion-averse, answer "without."
Many Philadelphians believe that the only way to eat a cheesesteak is "wit" onions, since they were used by the purported inventors of the sandwich, the Olivieri brothers. The caramelized onions add a buttery, sweet flavor to the meat, and some cheesesteak fans also believe that Cheese Wiz is the only cheese that ought to be used.