rotisserie chicken and veggies in an air fryer
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When Looking At Air Fryers, There's A Size Tip To Be Aware Of
Searching for an air fryer can be daunting because there are so many factors to consider, like price, features, and size. Size can be easier to decide on if you think carefully.
Think about the number of people you cook for and the type of foods you plan to cook before you buy either a smaller basket version of an air fryer or a larger "air fryer oven."
A basket fryer has the least cooking space, and a typical basket is about four quarts in size and can cook enough food to feed 2-4 people. There are more variations, however.
An extra-large basket air fryer holds 8 or 12 quarts or 6-8 servings of food. Dual-basket fryers are larger and let you cook food in separate compartments at the same time.
The largest, most versatile air fryer is the air fryer oven. These gadgets come with multiple levels of crisper trays, allowing you to cook many separate dishes all at once.
An air fryer oven's capacity ranges from 12 to 32 quarts or more, and some can easily accommodate multiple pizza pies, while others can cook a whole rotisserie chicken.