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When Is The Best Time To Add Spices To Steak?
For many home cooks, steak is a special occasion dinner that is a real crowd-pleaser with its rich and butter texture and savory flavor. However, there are several ways to mess up a good steak, and no matter which cut you're preparing for dinner, you should make sure to add spices and seasonings at the proper time.
Adding spices right before the steak hits the pan is convenient, but overall, it's a bad idea; spices are prone to burning in a hot pan, which makes for a burnt crust on your steak. Steak is best cooked at scorching-hot temperatures, and the only seasoning that can withstand these temperatures is salt, which melts at around 1,472 F.
While you can add salt right before cooking, or even dry-brine steak by applying salt up to a day in advance, all other seasonings and spices should be added after the steak is done cooking. Following this rule will avoid the risk of burning entirely, and applies to everything from custom spice blends to simple black pepper.