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When Is The Best Time To Add Seasonings To Chili?
Chili is the ultimate comfort food, being delicious and easy to make, but some home cooks may wonder when to add spices to chili during the cooking process. Whether your spice blend includes chili powder, cumin, paprika, and/or others, this is the best time to add it to your chili.
It’s best to season your chili in the early stages of the cooking process, as well as throughout its simmering stages, leaving lots of time for the spices to break down and add depth to the entirety of the chili. If you add the spices at the end, the dish won't be as well-balanced.
Seasonings should not be an afterthought, but rather, a big part of the chili family that needs time to show off its flavors. That's why it's important to incorporate spices intermittently, starting early on, so the flavors have time to marry with the rest of the stew.