Steak on ridged cast iron skillet
When Grilling Inside, Cast-Iron Cookware Is Your Best Friend
The smoky qualities of grilled food can be replicated in an indoor kitchen. All it takes is a hot stove and a ridged cast iron pan to get those mouth-watering scorch marks.
A hefty ridged cast iron, often called a grill pan, can serve as an excellent searing surface, just like an outdoor grill grate. You can even use a cast iron panini press instead.
The ridges in the iron lift the food above the hot surface, preventing the conglomeration of fat and creating a great sear. Cast iron also gets hot enough to truly char foods.
Start with a clean cast iron pan and heat it to a high temperature before placing the food on top. You can mimic the effect of closing a grill lid by putting a metal bowl over the pan.
The pan won't produce a lot of smoke, so consider adding liquid smoke seasoning to compensate. With the right cooking temperature, most grilling recipes are easy to replicate.