Restaurant server serving wine to a couple of people
When Dining At A Fancy Restaurant, Recall The 'One-Action-At-A-Time' Etiquette Rule
A formal dinner can unnerve even the most experienced restaurant-goer, but it helps to stick to the Rule of One, which means focusing on one aspect of the meal at a time.
From trying a dish to sampling wine, concentrate on performing one action before moving on to the next one. You'll focus on enjoying not only the food, but also the surroundings.
For instance, don't eat bites of food and drink from your glass in rapid intervals. Nerves can cause us to move quickly, so take it slow and pay attention to one thing at a time.
Be it at a Michelin-starred restaurant or a local pub, slow down and enjoy one action at a time, even when tempted to savor your food or drink as soon as it arrives on the table.