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When Did Starbucks Begin Selling Food?
Starbucks is undoubtedly the most successful coffee chain in the world, and though drinks are their main draw, stores also sell hot breakfasts, pastries, lunch boxes, cake pops, and more. Surprisingly, Starbucks didn't start selling food until well after its debut in 1971, and it took even longer for its food to actually become popular.
Starbucks began selling food in 2003, including offerings like an egg sandwich with roasted peppers, red onion, and Colby jack cheese, but it wasn't an instant hit. Even though Starbucks increased the number of stores selling breakfast sandwiches from 250 to 600 in 2006, by 2009, the company had experienced a decline in revenue.
Former CEO Howard Schultz was brought back in 2008 to overcome issues hurting Starbucks, such as a negative public perception and competition from other chains. He made changes to Starbucks' food that are still felt today, such as the acquisition of a bakery chain and releasing hot breakfast sandwiches with healthier ingredients.