Raw sliced cut chicken breast fillet cutlets on a wooden cutting board
When Buying Chicken, Pay Attention To The Color Inside The Package
To tell if your chicken has gone bad, look inside the package. Fresh chicken will be pink, and chicken that's gone bad will be gray or even green in color and overall dull-looking.
Additionally, the fat of the chicken should be white, whereas it will be yellow if the chicken is going bad. The meat's coloring is the best way to look for signs of spoilage.
Aside from color, smell is another great way to check for freshness. Spoiled chicken will have a foul, sour-like smell to it, possibly similar to rotten eggs.
If you notice a filmy layer or sliminess, it may mean that the chicken has gone bad. If any of these warning signs are present, it's best to discard the chicken to ensure safety.