A loaf of bread on a white background
When Buying Bread, Pay Attention To The Top Of The Loaf
When picking a perfect loaf of bread, always check the top of the loaf. Some loaves are dusted with flour for a rustic appearance, while other white spots may indicate mold.
Flour on bread usually has a matte, powdery look, giving the loaf an artisanal appearance. In contrast, mold often appears as irregular patches with a fuzzy, uneven texture.
To be sure, smell the bread. Fresh flour-dusted bread should have a neutral, wheaty scent, while mold emits a musty, unpleasant odor that is quite distinct.
If you press the plastic over the white spots with your fingertip and it's dry and powdery, it’s probably flour. Be cautious not to damage the loaf by pressing too firmly.