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When Boiling Crab Legs, Season The Water For Maximum Flavor
While many people enjoy the natural flavors of crab, you can elevate its taste even more by adding some seasonings to the water when boiling the meat.
Use aromatic seasonings in the water when boiling or steaming crab legs. The seasoning will seep into the meat, refreshing its flavor and possibly giving it a new scent.
Not only does it boost the crab's natural flavor, but it also adds new dimensions of taste that will make your dining experience even more enjoyable.
However, it's recommended that you be careful about how much seasoning you're using, as overpowering the delicate crab taste is not ideal.
Salt is the most commonly used seasoning, but you can also add lemon juice and rinds to the water for a complementary flavor that also works to mask the seafood smell.
For a smoky, savory taste, try using Old Bay seasoning. Use a mixture of six ounces of Old Bay to four quarts of water, then boil the crab legs in it.