Strawberry jam on a spoon
What's Up With Costco's Moldy Kirkland-Brand Strawberry Spread?
The Kirkland-brand organic strawberry spread has caused a stir amongst consumers on Reddit who reported finding mold in a newly opened jar as recently as April 2024.
One customer said she noticed mold or fungus growing atop a jar of strawberry spread she just purchased, so she returned it and bought another jar which also had the same issue.
Many customers expressed surprise, with the original poster noting it may have been a bad batch. However, one responder said she's had issues with the strawberry spread since 2020.
A customer from West Virginia said that their Costco didn't ignore their complaint, but instead, "they removed all of them from my warehouse and it's not returned."
There are speculations that the mold was caused by a design flaw with the jar, improper sealing of the jar, or just the fact that organic products lack chemical preservatives.