Icelandic hot dogs in a hot dog rack
What's Unique About Icelandic Hot Dogs?
Icelandic hotdogs, known as pylsa or pulsa, boast a delectable flavor that comes from the inclusion of lamb, alongside beef and park, due to the island's large sheep population.
In Iceland, sheep graze on country farms and enjoy cruelty-free existences. Plus, without any added hormones or pesticides, these sheep produce some delicious meat.
Icelandic hot dogs can be boiled or grilled. Some cooks will add beer to the vat in which hot dogs are boiled, while others fry or grill them for a crispier, crunchier finish.
Toppings include sauces like pylsusinnep, a sweet brown mustard with a punch, and remoulade, which is made from mayonnaise, capers, mustard, herbs, and spices.
Iceland hotdogs are a favorite among locals and tourists alike. They are sold at various stands, including Reykjavik’s famous Bæjarins Beztu whose name means "The Best in Town."