A bottle of Drambuie
What's The Exact Flavor of Drambuie Liqueur?
Drambuie is a spiced, whisky-based liqueur bottled at 40% ABV. While the recipe is carefully guarded, one sip of the liquor reveals several distinct flavors.
Although the flavor bears similarities to Falernum and Yellow Chartreuse, the profile is totally unique. At first sip, Drambuie is oaky with top notes of anise and orange peel.
Per the Drambuie site, the liqueur is a mix of "aged Scotch whisky, rare Scottish heather honey, and aromatic herbs and spices." The Scotch base includes cloves and saffron.
Some mixologists speculate that angelica root, rosemary, and fennel might be in the mix. Like any good herbal liquor, Drambuie artfully explores the interplay of sweet and spiced.