Large bowl of Meyer lemons
What's The Difference Between Standard And Meyer Lemons?
Meyer lemons have a distinct taste and complexity that sometimes cuts against what you expect from a regular lemon and lends itself to different recipes and uses.
Standard lemons are typically one of two types: Lisbon or Eureka. Technically separate breeds, these two lemons are functionally identical in taste and appearance.
Standard lemons are a brighter, lighter shade of pure yellow. They are a classic oblong shape with bumps on the end with thick rinds that can produce plenty of lemon zest.
Meyer lemons, on the other hand, originated in China, where they were thought to have been created by crossing another variety of lemon with a Mandarin orange.
Meyer lemons are much more round than classic lemons. They have a smooth texture and their peel is considerably thinner with almost no pith which makes them very juicy.
Because they are crossed with Mandarin oranges, Meyer lemons are considerably less acidic and noticeably sweeter, which allows them to be
enjoyed raw.
Additionally, while standard lemons can be harvested and shipped throughout the country year-round, Meyer lemons are usually only available in winter and early spring.