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What's The Difference Between Muscat And Muscadet Wine?
The world of wine is complicated with its niche terminology, and to make things more muddled, the similar-sounding Muscat and Muscadet wines aren’t as alike as they seem.
In the simplest terms, Muscat is a breed of grape that produces sweet, floral wines, while Muscadet is a style of dry wine that is always made from white Melon de Bourgogne grapes.
Muscat grapes are used to make Muscat wine around the world from Europe to Australia and even South Africa, but Muscadet wine is specifically produced in France’s Loire Valley.
Both wines are light-bodied, but Muscat grapes are naturally saccharine and mildly acidic, producing a sweeter wine, while Muscadet is creamier with a more complex, yeasty flavor.
Muscat wines have floral notes like honeysuckle, orange blossom, mandarins, and lemons, and Muscadet typically has notes of lemon and lime with a saline, almost briny quality.
Muscat has a lower alcohol level than Muscadet and pairs perfectly with fresh fruits and veggies or a cheese course, and Muscadet is best served with seafood or as a palate-cleanser.