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What's The Difference Between Crowlers And Growlers Of Beer?
The rampant popularity of craft beer means that many beer enthusiasts are looking to enjoy these brews at home. Since the cost of bottling, canning, and packaging can be pricey, many businesses are selling their beer in more affordable crowlers and growlers, two types of beer packaging that are similar, but also a bit different.
Growlers are 64- or 32-ounce glass jugs that can be sealed with a twist-on cap, which saves breweries from investing in a canning or bottling line. Once they’ve been opened, the beer inside needs to be consumed within a day or two before it goes flat, so you may need friends to help you polish off a whole growler of beer.
Crowlers are 32-ounce, sealed, recyclable cans of beer that allow breweries, taprooms, and retailers with draft systems to sell fresh beer to go. One drawback of crowlers is that once you open them, the beer needs to be consumed that day, but there is a type that uses a twist-on cap rather than a seamer, which keeps a bit longer.