Black and red raspberries on a bush
What's The Difference Between Blackberries And Black Raspberries?
With similar names and appearances, no one would blame you for confusing blackberries and black raspberries, but there are some distinguishing features to look out for.
Blackberries almost always come from bushes that are covered in prickles or thorns. The fruit has a black or deep purple flavor and a sweet, tart, juicy flavor.
The fruit is easily identifiable by its large size, glossy color, and edible green or white core. Plus, it tends to be sturdier than its raspberry counterpart.
On the other hand, black raspberries are far less common, with a far shorter harvest season and smaller temperature range veering towards cooler climates.
Compared to typical raspberries, black raspberries have a concentrated, intense flavor with an overall sweetness and unique earthy, wood-like flavor notes.
Black raspberries are immediately recognizable by their hollow center. Plus, they’re smaller, matte black (with occasional irregular red spots), and a white "bloom" dust.
However, both berries are rich in nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidants and flavonoids, and anthocyanins, which give them their dark color and may thwart cancer development.