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What’s The Difference Between Bing Cherries And Rainier Cherries
Fresh, sweet cherries are a decadent summer treat, and in the United States, there are two sweet cherry varieties that reign supreme: Bing and Rainier. While both are equally delicious, the two cherries have notable differences that may affect which you choose to add to your table, recipe, or garden.
Bing cherries are well-known for their heart-shaped appearance, maroon, nearly black exterior, and dark purple interiors, as well as for their flavor, which is both gratifyingly sweet and tart. These cherries are renowned for their adaptability and can be eaten in a variety of ways, including fresh, cooked, preserved, frozen, and baked into cherry pies.
Rainier cherries are noted for being plump, having a lovely yellow and blush pink look with yellow insides, and are best consumed fresh rather than cooked, frozen, or preserved. These cherries are sweeter than Bing cherries, but they are more difficult to grow and blossom for a shorter ‌time, making them a more expensive option.