Bowl of American-style goulash
What’s The Difference Between American-Style Goulash And Chili Mac?
Both American-style goulash and chili mac are similarly comforting meals. Yet, if you investigate some characteristic elements, the dish's differences become more apparent.
American goulash draws from an old-school tradition of one-pot meals and is all about expanding a small amount of ground beef into many servings.
After searing the beef, the sauce is constructed, and the macaroni is boiled right in the aromatics. The addition of tomatoes — whether fresh or canned — is key.
American goulash's palate leans European, topped with a serving of chopped parsley. The result is a pasta dish with abundant sauce in an almost gravy-like consistency.
Chili mac, on the other hand, is made with distinct seasonings and ingredients such as cumin, oregano, chili powder, and other Mexican-style dried peppers.
The other key differentiator is the use of evaporated milk. Combined with a greater volume of shredded cheese, chili mac typically takes on a creamier, thicker consistency.