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What's In King Charles III's 'Breakfast Box'?
A full English breakfast is a popular and traditional meal that dates back centuries; once reserved for distinguished members of high society, it became the norm throughout British society by the 20th century. However, King Charles III has a particular breakfast spread that doesn't look anything like a traditional one.
A big supporter of organic farming, sustainability, and ethics, the King insists on stocking the royal pantry with his choice of produce and has even banned certain animal products from royal menus. He prefers a mainly plant-based diet, full of vitamin- and fiber-filled foods, eating vegetarian twice a week and skipping dairy once a week.
Former Royal Chef Graham Newbould disclosed that His Majesty’s “breakfast box” — which travels with him everywhere — contains the King’s favorite breakfast staples, like homemade bread, tea, fresh fruit, and juices. He says the King can also be "quite fussy" about having six types of honey, special mueslis, and an assortment of dried fruit in his box.