Ice cubes falling into bucket on white background
What's Behind The Viral Grilled Ice Cube Trend In China
China's latest food sensation is grilled ice cubes. Vendors baste ice cubes with a savory and spicy sauce and then generously season them with salt, chili flakes, and cumin.
The ice is tossed and turned over the grill. Then, for $2, the vendor hands you a serving of their perplexing creation, the ice cubes glistening and quickly melting with spices.
When asked about the origin of grilled ice cubes, street vendors stated that they were invented in northern China; however, consumers believe this is a new dish riding on virality.
Its novelty has helped grilled ice cubes take the internet by storm. Tourists post about it on TikTok and Instagram, and news media outlets across China are equally fascinated.