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Whatever Happened To Pepsi Blue?
PepsiCo's bright blue drink Pepsi Blue was introduced in 2002 as a "berry cola fusion," and while it did well in its first year, it completely disappeared two years later. Although Pepsi Blue made a comeback in May 2021 for a limited run, it once again disappeared quickly.
One possible reason for its disappearance in the early 2000s may have been its decreasing sales. According to Snack History, PepsiCo was only able to move about 5 million cases of the blue drink in 2003, even after it sold 17 million cases the year prior during its launch.
Another reason may have been the controversial blue dye used in the soda called Blue No. 1. Though never prohibited in the United States, the dye — which used to be derived from coal tar — was banned in some European countries, with studies (including one from 2004) suggesting a link between the dye and increased attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms.