(Original Caption) New Orleans: C. J. Rapp of Rochester, New York, hoists a can of his invention, Jolt Cola, advertised as twice the caffeine and all the sugar as in your other cola, as he visited a new distributor in New Orleans. His sneaky, imaginative assault on the giant cola companies is bolstered with his tour thru sugar growing areas.
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Whatever Became Of Jolt Cola?
The 1990s were a very epically-branded era for food and drink, with many products having "radical" names and advertisements. Few products define this trend quite like Jolt Cola, a soft drink that many Americans have forgotten about, and while it managed to hang on for longer than you might expect, its downfall was inevitable.
Boasting real sugar and double the caffeine content of other colas, Jolt was a rejection of health-conscious sodas and the use of artificial sweeteners. This temporarily popular drink even appeared in "Jurassic Park," but new energy drinks emerging over the years, as well as an ill-advised manufacturing decision, doomed the cola.
In 2005, Jolt tried to debut a new bottle design that looked like a battery, but filed for bankruptcy in 2009, unable to pay for an order of 90 million new cans. The cola made a surprising comeback in 2017, but seems to be unofficially discontinued, with no product listings on any websites and its own site relegated to an empty black screen.