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What You Should Use Instead Of Aluminum Foil For Your Grill
When it comes to outdoor grilling, those shimmering foil sheets may make for convenient clean-up, but they may also be transferring aluminum into your food, causing undesirable health issues. While aluminum naturally occurs in our foods, excess amounts have been linked to Alzheimer's, kidney disease, and osteoporosis.
Covering meat in aluminum foil does keep it from drying out so quickly, but a study found that meat wrapped and cooked in aluminum foil resulted in chemical increases ranging from 89% to 378% in red meat and 76% to 215% in poultry. It’s recommended to use a cast-iron skillet or lidded metal cookware and to use a wood grilling plank for fish.
For smaller morsels, instead of making an aluminum boat, use a metal grill basket, which serves the same purpose but also allows you to toss the food. As for the clean-up, avoid using foil to cover the grill — instead, pre-treat the surfaces with high-heat cooking oil/spray and use a metal grill brush for cleanup.
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