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What You Should Know Before Using The Ice Machine At A Restaurant
Next time you eat out, think carefully before ordering ice with your drink, as studies from the U.S., UK, and China prove that there may be high levels of bacteria and mold at play. Owing to the lack of cleaning, the formation of mold and slime from water’s constant presence, and contamination from employees, sometimes it’s safer to just avoid the ice altogether.
Preventing bacteria from growing in ice machines starts with restaurant management ensuring that filters are changed regularly and ice machines are inspected and wiped down thoroughly each week to avoid any build-up of slime, mold, or contaminants. Don’t fall for the idea that an ice machine’s freezing temperatures will kill off bacteria; this just isn’t true.
Apart from requesting no ice in your drink, your options for preventing bacteria exposure as a customer are more limited, but another route you can take is staying clear of self-service machines, as they may not be regularly cleaned. It’s also best to pass on the water offered, as the pitchers they’re served in come from the kitchen or ice machine.