Strawberries in a cardboard box
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What You Should Do With A Carton Of Berries When One Or Two Are Moldy
If you see a moldy berry or two in your box of strawberries, it doesn’t necessarily mean the whole carton is bad. As Luke LaBorde, PhD puts it, “It’s a guessing game.”
LaBorde goes on to say that if one berry in your box is moldy but the others are “fresh, plump, and not oozing or falling apart," they’re probably fine to eat.
Of course, if you take a bite of one and it tastes funky, it has probably been infected inside the berry, so spit it out and resign your haul to the compost bin.
Berry mold usually isn’t life-threatening, but PhD Felicia Wu says it "is a good indicator of spoilage in general, which means that other microbes such as bacteria may be present."
Immunocompromised people, or people with mold allergies, might not want to take the risk in the first place and should probably just toss the carton of berries.
To prevent your berries from molding in the first place, keep them in the fridge in an open container lined with a paper towel to soak up excess moisture and keep them aerated.