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What You Should Consider Before Buying Thick-Cut Bacon
The bacon aisle is loaded with choices from turkey bacon to center-cut to standard cut, and your choice can make or break your breakfast. If you're thinking about changing things up and buying thick-cut bacon, here's how it stacks up to other varieties.
Thick-cut bacon cooks more evenly than thinner-cut products, with a crispy outside and chewy, meaty inside. It also tends to be less greasy than thinner bacon and contains equal amounts of fat and protein; while thicker cuts do tend to cost more, you gain more in taste and ease of cooking.
Also, if you need chopped bacon for pasta, soup, or other recipes, thick-cut bacon maintains its shape better than traditional bacon does. However you slice it, crispy bacon is delicious, and if you have the cash, thick slices are worth the extra gravy.