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What You Should Consider Before Buying Produce At Trader Joe’s
Trader Joe’s is exceedingly popular for its unique store-brand items and affordable prices, but when it comes to the basics, such as fresh produce, TJ's can fall flat. During a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session, an employee even admitted that Trader Joe's fruits "tend to get moldy pretty quickly" — and quality isn't the only concern here.
The Kitchn notes Trader Joe’s charges for produce by the piece, not by the weight; for example, a small banana costs the same amount as a larger, heavier banana, penalizing customers who prefer smaller produce. Jack Salaman, category manager of produce, explained the reasoning behind this choice on the podcast Inside Trader Joe's.
Salaman says that Trader Joe’s wants its customers to know how much they’re spending without having to weigh their produce. Purchasing produce by weight can indeed make it hard to tell how much you'll pay when you get to the register; if you value easy calculations and use up your produce quickly, TJ's may be okay for your needs.