Steak cooking on a grill
What You Need To Think About Before Grilling Steak In Cold Weather
If you want to grill steak in the winter, it's essential to plan ahead, because your grill may struggle to maintain the high heat needed to cook meat all the way through.
While thick cuts of meat are often preferred for grilling, thinner cuts are better for winter. If you still want a thick steak, replace the grill’s grate with a cast iron grate.
Unlike aluminum or stainless steel grates, cast iron heats up quickly and retains heat exceptionally well. This means it should be able to keep its temperature.
The cold weather may also make your grill heat up more slowly, so you should let it preheat for a solid 15-30 minutes before putting on your steak.
If you can, use a thermometer to check the grate temperature. The ideal cooking temperature for steak falls between 450° Fahrenheit and 500° Fahrenheit.
While your food cooks, do your best to trap in heat and keep the cold air out. This means closing the grill lid for as long as you can and avoiding opening it as much as possible.
A thermometer with leave-in probes can help you check doneness without opening the lid. If you grill often in cold weather, you may want to invest in a grill made for the task.