Shrimps with parsley, lime slices and tomato sauce on dark rustic background
What You Need To Know Before Cooking Shrimp In The Oven
Shrimp is notoriously easy to overcook, especially if you use your oven's broiler or grill. In the oven's dry heat, you'll need to keep a close eye on it to prevent overcooking.
Successful lightly charred, oven-kissed shrimp starts with a very hot oven and shrimp that are patted nearly dry. You want the shrimp to brown quickly and not be steamed.
Additionally, threading the shrimp on skewers can aid in even cooking. You can also apply a marinade with a bit of sugar before and after cooking to help with browning and flavor.
You'll know your shrimp are ready when they become opaque and begin to curl into a gentle C-shape. The meat will have a snappy bite with great flavor and moisture.