A plastic squeeze bottle of Sriraja Panich.
What You Need To Know About Sriraja Panich, The Original Sriracha Sauce
Given its popularity, you may be surprised to learn that Sriracha was not the first of its kind. In fact, the Thai version, Sriraja Panich, came first.
Sriraja Panich’s main ingredient is red goat peppers, aged for a minimum of three months to ensure that the most flavor is brought out of them for the sauce.
After aging, the chiles are mixed with Thai garlic, sugar, vinegar, and sea salt, resulting in a flavor profile of spiciness, sourness, sweetness, and saltiness.
Sriraja Panich dates back about 80 years and was created by Ms. Thanom Chakkapak, who originally intended for it to be eaten with fresh seafood, either grilled or fried.
The original recipe came from Chakkapak's father, Gimsua Timkrajang, who would travel a lot and could never find the perfect sauce — one that was sweet, salty, and sour.
Nowadays, Sriraja Panich is still used with fresh seafood but has also become more widely used in other dishes like Thai omelets (similar to how versatile Sriracha is in America).