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What You Need To Know About Cooling Cookies On a Baking Sheet
Since they were brought to the U.S. in the 1600's, cookies have become extremely popular in America, with a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors available. However, no matter what kind of cookie you're baking, there are factors to watch out for; for instance, did you know that the way you let your cookies cool down can change everything?
One of the most common mistakes is leaving your cookies on the baking sheet for too long; residual heat can overcook the bottoms and interfere with the texture. If you transfer the cookies to a cooling rack, after letting them solidify on the baking sheet for five minutes max, they will cool evenly and achieve a consistent texture.
BakingHow says that this method is great for preventing your cookies from getting burnt, and if your cookies are already a bit well done, this hack can control the damage. This method is also perfect for people who prefer a softer bite; however, if you like your cookies crispy and perhaps a bit dark, feel free to just cool them on the baking sheet.