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What Wrinkles On A Peach Mean
Consumers tend to shy away from fruit that’s blemished, bruised, or wrinkled. However, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, two-thirds of all wasted food in America is perfectly edible, and one of the most notoriously delicate fruits — peaches — shouldn't be thrown away because they look less-than-perfect.
Most of us know that a fragrant scent and a deep yellow-orange color are good signs when buying and eating yellow peaches, but did you have any idea that wrinkles are also a plus, not a downside? Wrinkles on a peach’s skin indicate ripeness and a strong, sweet flavor, since extra water content has left the fruit, leading to a less watery taste.
Peaches continue ripening long after being picked, so if your peaches are wrinkled, you should eat them soon, since they've already begun the journey to spoilage. If you like your peaches a bit firmer and wrinkled ones are too juicy for you, you can always freeze them for smoothies, or turn them into jam, ice cream, and more.