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What Was Breakfast Like In Victorian England?
With delicacies ranging from jellied eels and sheep’s trotters to boiled calf’s head, heron pudding, and marrow toast, the Victorians certainly had interesting tastes. However, these dishes were reserved for dinner, and the typical Victoria breakfast was much simpler and more similar to today's modern breakfast.
In the slums where people didn’t have ovens, most people breakfasted on bread and broth or “gruel,” which you might recognize from “Oliver Twist.” Wealthier people would dine on ground beef covered in lard or beef fat and watercress, or a more recognizable breakfast of bacon, eggs, haddock, fruits, and bread.
Other dishes such as kedgeree and hot English crumpets were served, along with tea, coffee, cocoa, or even beer. Queen Victoria herself was known to dine on eggs on toast, fish, porridge, bread, bacon sausage, pork chops, and cold-smoked herring, but by the 1900s, ready-made dried breakfast cereal became the most popular option around.