Sliced and glazed ham on a plate
What Type Of Wine Pairs Best With Your Ham?
Ham pairs just as well with white wine as it does red — it's all about picking the right variety. It should be sweeter, more acidic, and have the same flavor intensity as the ham.
The primary tasting characteristics of ham are sweet, salty, and varyingly fatty, which demands acidity. For these reasons, zesty, citrusy Albariño is the best fit for the job.
Another excellent white wine option is Gewurztraminer from Alsace, France, which is fruity and spicy with notes of rose, pepper, lychee, honey, and guava to contrast the ham.
If you prefer a fruity and robust red wine, try Nebbiolo, which has notes of cherry, rose, and tobacco along with a velvety mouthfeel to lean into the richness of the ham.
For a lighter red wine option, try a sparkling red like Lambrusco or Sparkling Shiraz that has fruity, juicy notes that let the flavor of the ham shine.