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What Type Of Cut Are You Getting When Buying Steak Medallions?
Successfully cooking a steak involves knowing which cut you’re cooking and which method is best to use, but this can be tricky with cuts like steak medallions.
You may have eaten steak medallions at a restaurant before, and when buying and cooking them yourself, you should try to figure out which part of the cow you're working with.
If the medallions are labeled “filet medallions,” then they’re cut from the tenderloin. You can prepare this lean cut at a lower temperature like you might with a filet mignon.
However, if the package is just labeled “beef medallions,” you could be holding any cut of steak. Your best bet is to find the butcher in the store and ask about the cut.
If the butcher isn’t around, take a closer look at the beef yourself. A relatively lean cut could be from the striploin, meaning it’s not likely to be quite as tender as a filet.
If you see lots of muscle or connective tissue, a quick cook won't be ideal, and you'll need to prepare the beef with enough cooking time to break it down and ensure tenderness.