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What Type Of Apple Should You Use For Apple Pie Filling?
When it comes to apple pie, you might get so caught up in balancing your spices and double refrigerating your crust that you forget about the most important part of the pie: The apples. While everyone has their own favorite apple to munch on, it turns out there’s one specific apple that works best in apple pie.
If the best apple pie makes you picture a granny in a red gingham apron placing a freshly baked pie on a window sill to cool, you wouldn’t be far off. It might not matter if a granny makes the pie, but it certainly does matter if your pie is made with Granny Smith apples, which are the Washington Apple Commissions’ all-time top pick for apple pies.
The Granny Smith apple is actually named after Granny Smith, who cultivated the varietal 160 years ago. Granny Smith apples are the top choice due to their tartness; their tartness comes from their acidic composition, which helps maintain their structure and texture throughout the cooking process, and once cooked, that tartness helps balance out the sugary sweet pie.