Hands cutting thin slices of roast beef with a fork and tongs
What To Scan For When Buying The Best Cut For Roast Beef
One important factor when choosing a cut of roast beef is fat. A well-marbled cut of beef with small white veins of fat will melt while cooking and naturally baste the meat.
Picking roasts that have fat on the outside (or asking the butcher to leave a layer on) will also make it more flavorful and make a tasty crust on the outside when it is done.
Cuts recommended by meat experts include tenderloin, prime rib roast, and strip loin. A cheaper option is the eye of round roast, which is leaner but delicious when slowly roasted.
In general, however, avoid cuts from the areas on the animal that get more exercise, like the bottom cuts, because they have less fat.
It’s also important to pay close attention to the meat’s quality. Look for a roast that has a bright pinkish-red hue, which shows that it is a high-quality piece of beef.
A roast that bounces back at you when poked is another sign of good quality. If you can afford it, pick USDA Prime, but Choice is acceptable if you’re on a budget.