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What To Look For When Buying Prime Rib
Prime rib has an elite status amongst meat lovers for its very high quality, but the tender, juicy texture and beefy flavor of this cut comes with a big price tag attached. Since prime rib is one of the most expensive cuts you can buy, you'll want to follow these tips to find a great piece of meat and get the most for your money.
Look for a rib roast with a bright color and milky-white fat evenly distributed throughout the meat. If you buy a full rack of beef, you can split it into several steaks for a real bang for your buck, but if you prefer to buy a smaller portion, look for the small end of the rack, which is closer to the loin section and therefore more tender.
You should also aim to buy a bone-in prime rib, because the bone insulates the meat and adds flavor and tenderness. Lastly, try to buy a roast with at least three bones, since the smaller the cut, the easier it is to overcook, and if you really want to go all-out, look for aged prime rib, which has an exquisite, complex flavor.